Benchwarmer Baseball

A tired Hitman today. Did anyone else stay up to watch the Big East Basketball Tournament game between Syracuse and UConn last night? 6 over times! One of the great games in NCAA history, I couldn’t turn the television off! It finally ended a little after 1:00 AM with a ‘cuse victory. Congats to the Orange and thier fans, what a game!

Benchwarmer baseball is a simulated form of fantasy baseball. You manage your team almost like a real manager. You set a lineup of nine hitters, five bench players, a five man pitching rotation and bullpen, then play a 150 game schedule. I will be representing FantasyPros911 in an expert league they have going this season, to see some rules and the team I have assembled so far, please go to:

Today at noon the leagues and draft orders for the National Fantasy Baseball Championship main event will be released. For those of you not fimiliar with the NFBC main event, it is a fantasy baseball compition of 390 teams, broken down into 26 leagues. It costs $1300 to enter with the over-all champion of the 390 teams winning $100,000 and each of the 26 league winners taking home $5,000. There are also prizes for other finishes.

I will be posting my league and draft order later today. To learn more about the event go to:


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